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应中科院光化学转换与功能材料重点实验室和理化青年论坛邀请,美国西北大学Yanhu Wei博士来所进行学术交流,并作学术报告。诚挚欢迎感兴趣的老师和同学们参加学术报告会。


    人:Yanhu Wei 博士( Northwestern University

报告题目:   From Nanostructure to Function

报告时间:201175 上午 09:3011:30



During the past 20 years, a number of supramolecular or nanoscopic structures have been assembled from molecules, nanoaprticles and nanocrystals. However, the future of nanoscience is not to only make structures, but more importantly to endow structures with functions. In this context, we can not only control/direct self-assembly from supramolecular to nanoscopic level by using various intermolecular interactions, but also make these nanostructures functional. Specifically, we explored the applications of these structures in the following four areas: (1) photoswitchable nanoparticulate catalysis system in which the catalysis can be switched “ON” or “OFF” by using visible or UV light; (2) a core/shell catalytic reactor that can direct tandem reaction selectively going the desired sequence and avoiding the formation of byproducts; (3) enhanced photocatalytic activity of hybrid Fe2O3-Pd nanoparticulate catalysts where Pd nanodomain was used as cocatalysts to improve photoexcited charge separation and suppress the probability of the electron-hole recombination; (4) photocatalytic metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) which can effectively photoreduce various metal salts to their corresponding nanoparticles and is potentially photocatalysts for visible light driven organic synthesis, CO2 reduction and water splitting.

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